by Debi VanDenBoom

In she walked,
Alone, afraid,
Free falling like a feather.
Believing it was her duty to allow another
To dictate her destruction.

Searching for a place that was
Safe and secure,
Unlike her current situation.
Her survival was born in fortitude.
She exemplified courage,
Yet had no idea she did so.

Clutching the paper close to her chest,
Was her life so fantastical
No one would believe it?
Wondering if the words
She had written were
Even her story to tell.
Putting them in print they became fire.

Over time she learned it was, is, and
Will always be HER story.
Sharing it gave her strength
Never before known.
Discovering how truth telling,
Centered and grounded.
Transformation began.

Fiercely beautiful.
All of these and so much more.
Using strategies and skills.
Finding her best attributes,
Warrior Phoenix arose.

Out of the ashes,
She flew.
It was the beginning of a new story.

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